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I am a freelance engineer, producer and rock DJ based in Long Beach, California, with over thirty years of experience in the music business.

I've recorded demos for musicians of such diverse genres as Blues, Zydeco, Punk, Rap, Prog Rock and Death Metal. I'm experienced with both multi-track analog studios and DAW software from Cubase, Cakewalk and Pro Tools. I own an array of equipment, including Fostex mixers, Audix mics and an ADAT. Musicians that have been signed from demos I produced include Lus Dus, DFR and Sarah Green. I've worked with various local studios, including Headway [Tiffany, Berlin] Mambo Sound [Sublime], and independent rap label Mussel Records.

I've done live sound for both touring bands [StoneBlue, Vagrant] and live venues [Surf City Saloon, The Doll Hut] as well as freelance mixing for Barron Audio-Visual, working events for multiple cities [Irvine, Corona] and organizations [American Cancer Society] using Allen and Heath mixers and JBL PA systems. I own a 500-watt Yamaha PA, EV speakers as well as a RANE MM12 monitor mixer. I've performed as a DJ for several birthdays, Halloween parties and weddings with my extensive personal music library.

And I also have an old Linn Drum machine that belonged to Frank Zappa. How cool is that?

My Audio Resume:

Here are some examples of recording projects I've done over the years:

The Living by Sarah Green
Hyde by StoneBlue
Stagnant Water by StoneBlue
Rabbit Hole by Keny Butler
Locusts by Keny Butler
Emma by eLLe
Soul Hold by DFR

Other fun stuff, although not necessarily my best representation:

Modern Machine by Devin Haas
Independence Day by The Alan Parsons Rejects
Satellite bonus remix by Sarah Green
Teeples And Thatcher from outta the garage
Pack Of Lies from a different garage
Love Slave didn't even make it to the garage

The Demo Barn

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