Rather than refer to a month and a day, Thelemites indicate the positions of the sun and moon in relation to the equatorial zodiac, giving a precise time within a few hours.

The year is written as a pair of numbers, the first as a Roman numeral (if non-zero) referring to the number of 22-year cycles since the New Aeon of Horus began, and the second number referring to the number of years into the current cycle, both numbered 0-21. These two numbers are often named for the respective trumps of the Tarot.

0. Fool
1. Magician
2. High Priestess
3. Empress
4. Emperor
5. Hierophant
6. Lovers
7. Chariot
8. Strength
9. Hermit
10. Wheel of Fortune
11. Justice
12. Hanged Man
13. Death
14. Temperance
15. Devil
16. Tower
17. Star
18. Moon
19. Sun
20. Judgement
21. World


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