I've found several conflicting sources on Wiccan traditions, but the one area they all agree upon is the following of the moon. Although some find ways to align with the solar year, all are essentially lunar in nature.

During one solar year, the lunar cycle has 13 full moons, each given a name. I've also provided the Gaelic names for each moon, but these are not translations.

Full moons:

  1. Blood (Samonios)
  2. Snow (Dumannios)
  3. Oak (Riuros)
  4. Wolf (Anagantios)
  5. Storm (Ogronios)
  6. Chaste (Cutios)
  7. Seed (Giamonios)
  8. Hare (Simivisonios)
  9. Dyad (Equos)
  10. Mead (Elembiuos)
  11. Wyrt (Edrinios)
  12. Barly (Cantlos)
  13. Blue (Ruis)

Within some of these moons are Sabbat rituals:

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