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The Ebright Commune
1995 - 1999

This site is the remains of a site initially erected between 1996 and 1998. I sliced away the unfinished, uninteresting or just plain stagnating parts, and have hopefully left something entertaining. It was primarily the work of myself, Rowland, but many of the people in the house helped contribute content or ideas. Who ARE we? you may ask...

It wasn't really a big house, but it was quite full. The back-door was never locked because someone was always there. Adam first coined the term The Ebright Commune on his site in 1996, and we soon adopted the title full-time. At the center were the six of us who actually paid the bills and maintained the place, but many others came and went over the years.

The origins of our living arrangement started simply. Rowland and Dana worked opposing schedules so that one of them could almost always be home with Alysha and Nicholas, their children, and Rowland's brother Patrick and Dana's sister Robin were there often enough just as the occasional baby-sitter. Beyond that, we'd usually have plenty of friends around for games of Euchre, INWO, or whatever.

Things just expanded from there, as we became the group of independent twenty-somethings, with a home that became the crash-pad and party-house for a revolving and increasing number of friends, acquaintances, and co-workers. We adopted a simple rule: "After your third visit, you're no longer a guest. Don't wait to be invited anymore: just show up whenever and we'll treat you like you live here. In other words, don't ask permission to go to the bathroom, raid the fridge at will, and clean up your own damn mess!"

Throughout all of this, as parties raged on in the garage and back room, the perpetually sober Rowland sat inside at the computer, surfed the net, and slowly built a web-site chronically the events, and compiled various bits of content from different members of The Commune to put up on the web for the world to see.

Here are some highlights: