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I pulled the pin to the grenade.
I was holding it and staring at it.
I was about to release the lever...

Then, guess who walked into my apatment?
That's right!

The Ernie Chronicles

I've been writing poetry and short stories for years, but most of it is pretty dark and surreal. The one attempt I made at comedy had my brother in stitches, so I decided to make a series. The following is the results of that effort, which I dedicate to Richard Kelly, who's a little more like Ernie than I find it comfortable to imagine.

  1. -- Instructions
  2. -- Deja Ernie or Double Ernie
  3. -- Ernie 22
  4. -- The Stagnant Life
  5. -- What Happens When You Dip Your Soul Into A Chocolate Ice-Cream, Urine And Motor Oil Mixture
©1997, Merriel Patrick Ebright