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3/6/00 - We've got several notes written up, outline sketches of the dialogue, and we've filmed an improvised run-through of each scene to get a feel for how to shoot it. The way that snatches of dialogue will be only partially heard in the different scenes will be realized by micing everything seperately and mixing the soundtrack in our 8-track studio. We've also discussed a way to do the credits on the computer and will simply film the screen, but that may have technical problems.

Due to the constant problems with extension chord hassles, loose connections and the lack of battery packs for the camera, we're contemplating actually buying a new video camera, meaning this may actually have a tangible budget, unlike Patriot which cost about $10.

3/11/00 - Patrick started writing dialogue and working out the timing of scene four. Rowland and Dana bought a new digital Panasonic Palmcorder with batteries, and we've also bought three 500 watt halogen lights and several new heavy-duty extension chords with proper ground wiring. We've talked to everyone who will potentially be involved, and thus far have confirmed Mike as the heavy and Kerrie as the Double-Crosser.

3/24/00 - We've hammered out the script for scenes two and four, which are the same from different angles. Here's an excerpt:

(phone rings)
(Jonni takes another shot)
Kevin : "I thought he was, but he's been feeding me excuses for weeks"
(Jim answers phone)
Kevin : If that's for me I'm not here."
Jim : "Yellow" (pause)
(Kevin takes a shot)
Kevin : "Anyhow, he's so full of shit his eyes are brown..."
Jim : "Hey, what's up?" (pause)
Kevin : "...So it came down to tonight or else"
Jim : "The guys are just playing pool" (pause)
Jonni : "Or else? I'd give Mike a call if I were you"
(Jonni takes a shot)
Jim : Yeah, he's here. You want to talk to him?" (pause)
Kevin : "Already did.  He's over at Bud's about now..."
Jim : "Hello? Hello?"
Kevin : "...Busting his legs"
(Kevin takes a shot)
Jim : "Whatever" (hangs up)
Jonni : "Who was that?"
(Bob enters)
Jim : "Bud. He hung up on me, that stoned mother fucker!"
Kevin : "Bud? ha ha ha!"
(scene 2 ends here)

We've started some storyboards, but have a while to go on that. Robin has also been painting her room, essentially the main set.

3/27/00 - We did a quick taping of a conversation with both cameras and two mics, then proceeded to work out editing techniques using just two VCRs (since we don't have real equipment) and a 4-track tape recorder. Somewhat successful.

4/3/00 - Rowland, Kerrie, Dana and Robin did several readings of the script for scenes 2 and 4 until the timing all felt right. Most of what's posted above is the same. We specifically worked out which lines are spoken simultaneously. Rowland will be tossing around scenes 1 and 5 now, working from the skeletal script Pat has already written. Scene 3 will basically write itself at that point.

4/7/00 - With Dana's help on running through the timing, Rowland finished writing scenes 1 and 5, then wrote scene 3 with a little input from Mike. Some revisions have already been done, but hopefully with a reading Monday night we'll have a final script to work from.

4/10/00 - Patrick, Dana, Rowland, Kerrie and Jami read through scene 2/4 several times until we worked out the physical movements around the room and moved dialogue to more logically work with the action. Then Richard, Kerrie, Dana and Rowland read through scene 1/5, making changes to get the feel right and adding a little more to the exchange between the Mario and Bob characters. The timing is so sweet between the four scenes, we're totally stoked!

4/24/00 - The script is done. We've trimmed here, embellished there, and finally have it working perfectly. Now it's just a matter of everyone practicing lines and movements until we start shooting. Here's the full script:

Scene 1 - Scene 2 - Scene 3 - Scene 4 - Scene 5

5/21/00 - Been a while. Well, after much bickering, things have stalled. Rowland has become the sole motivation, and decided to give up. Patrick has become less and less interested as things have progressed out of his hands into several others, so until he picks back up the ball, this thing will never see the light of day.

7/17/00 - It must be understood that getting this to work actually requires the motivation of a dozen slackers simultaneously, which is difficult to say the least. That doesn't rule out this thing completely, but smaller projects are more likely to get off the ground, which may in turn spur some people to larger work.