This album rocks. I finally have a copy of "Freedom" without needing to hunt down a Japanese import, and the new recording of "Goldilox" is great. I've been slowly adding pages to my little King's X site for years, but I doubt anyone has visited in a long time. I'm only in here now because my cable company was bought out AGAIN, and thus my ISP is changing AGAIN! So I had to FTP everything back down to my hard-drive from the old site, even though moving it up to a new one is pointless. Nobody has been reading this for years, and very very very very little has been added or updated in years. Except this page. If you're reading this and don't know me personally, all I can say is, how the hell did you accidently find this page? Browse around the site. It holds a lot of memories of ten years ago, with lots of dead links and stagnation. But enough fun stuff to kill some time. Bye bye, now.

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