Man, does this one rock! I took this to work and had it looping all day for three days.

Pray has a great groove, and the lyrics really mesh the old and new religious perspectives of the band.

Repeating Myself is a low point because it's so repetitious, even though I realize that's the point, it's still repetitious and that's a low point.

Thank you, Jerry, for another of your rare lead vocal contributions. I wish you and Julie all the best.

Alright is one of the two chant-along anthems of the record. One reason I love this band is they deliver heavy music but with positive messages, instead of always being dark and brooding like most bands.

My absolute favorite track is Move, where Doug gets to vent against prejudice he's suffered since coming out.

The better of the two anthems on the record, Go Tell Somebody is probably the best shout-along these guys have ever written.

I like the positive messages, but dark and brooding is good, too, and Love And Rockets delivers in spades. Second best groove, sandwiching the album nicely.

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