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The Rowland Ebright Twilight Zone Fake Talk Show

I spent half my high school senior year as one of a group that worked on a video year book for our class. We made use of the local public access studio for editing purposes, and by that Summer of 1987, I'd secured my own show with the permission of studio manager John Heitman.

Basically, he wanted promoted or fired, so he used my loose interpretation of "community service program" to annoy his superiors. I created six episodes over the next three months before going off to college, leaving behind a few pretaped parts. My brother took over for three more episodes, but then the plug was finally pulled as Heitman was fired and his replacement proceeded to erase all tapes that concerned us.

Our word of mouth to friends and family made up the majority of the advertising of the program, however we found out later that we had a small following at Central Michigan University which was also served by the same cable company. Little of the show survived, which will be noted as we explain each episode. This is rough for now, and will be fleshed out as memory returns and other tapes surface.