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The Rowland Ebright Twilight Zone Fake Talk Show

Episode Eight

Patrick is revealed, Rowland closes the beach [1]
The Naval segment visit to the morgue [2]
The speed-edit wardrobe change [3]
CPB [4]

Unfinished and unaired.

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In the cameo exchange department, in the midst of my brother introducing the episode, I walk on with the "Beach Closed" sign from episode four, put it down, stare at it a moment, then ask him "Haven't we done this joke already?" He says yes, I shake my head, pick it back up and leave. I guess I just liked that gag a lot, because I took the sign to college with me and kept it in my dorm room. I eventually stuck it in the lobby of WMTU, the college radio station, before moving to California.

Meanwhile, Jeff Hunt (the guy who did the "Naval Segment" in episode three) returns yet again in an improved version of the intro to episode two. He and Patrick take the portable camera down the hall (remember, the studio was in the basement of a hospital) to the morgue, building the suspense as they go about the gruesome things they may discover. They reach door, but it's locked, so he simply shrugs and they walk back.



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