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The Rowland Ebright Twilight Zone Fake Talk Show

Episode Five

Under Grace, part 1 [1]
Testify video [2]
CPB [3]
Under Grace, part 2 [4]

We actually taped an interview the day before without the drummer that was scrapped, but a copy of it, as well as these interviews and the video, were made for each member of the band.

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Under Grace was a local Christian Metal band that I was friends with. Actually, all the music was guitarist-singer Kevin McCreery's, and he'd recruited the others as his live band for a while, but it didn't last. As much as this was intended to be a legitimate interview rather than a joke, it only demonstrated my lack of actual interviewing skills, thus making it dull. You can call this the sell-out episode, despite all good intentions.

We put quite a bit of work into shooting a decent music video for one of their songs. We had performance footage shot in the band room at St. Louis high-school, intercut with bits of the four guys in various places they hung out (their homes, parks, churches) goofing around. I remember one shot had three of them holding their hands over their eyes, ears and mouth in the classic "see no, hear no, speak no evil" poses, and then the drummer just shrugging his shoulders.


More of my dull interview. By the way, Kevin was also in a band called Mach, and went on to form lovejones, who changed into Feeding The Machine. He moved to Louisville, KY to form Outspoken who put out an album on Lava/Atlantic records called "Bitter Shovel" before breaking up. He then toured with Tantric, including appearing on "The Tonight Show" and playing for troops in Korea. His new band Ugly just got signed to Rust records. MySpace, DotCom

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