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The Rowland Ebright Twilight Zone Fake Talk Show

Episode Two

Intro: a long walk down the hall [1]
The Nobbs discuss beer and basketball [2]
CPB [3]
The Camel Head Beer ad [4]
The Nobbs refuse to leave [5]

The Camel Head Beer ad was done for a media class by key members of The Nobbs. It is also included in the video year book, of which I have a copy.

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We ran power, mic and video-feed cables as far as we could out of the studio and down the hall (probably about two-hundred feet), and I talked to the camera as we walked back to the studio and introduced the second episode. This actually required two guys besides the camera-man to be moving an wrapping cables as we moved along.

Most of the people I "interviewed" for the show were people from my high-school. The Nobbs were a group of guys (it started with 3 or 4 and grew to about a dozen) who were super-fans of our high-school basketball team (with good reason: Our football teamed sucked, but thanks to a good coach, we had a basketball team that were serious contenders at the time). These guys all went to games dressed like and acting like the SCTV characters Bob and Doug McKenzie, eh! In their movie Strange Brew one clever retort is "Give in to the dark-side, you Nobb!" thus their collective name.

The four guys I interviewed here were B.J. Stoltz, Brian Gruesbeck, Matt Gulick and Jay Pitcher. All but Matt are featured in Brian's Camel Head Beer ad from our media class, and I'm not certain, but I think these guys are the original four Nobbs (by the end they even included myself a couple times and our Swedish exchange student.) Other members I can recall included Jeff Reeva, Tom Brandal and Robert Martin (who's featured in episode three for other reasons) who I only mention so that they may one day find this page searching for themselves on the internet. We basically discuss beer, donuts and basketball. When we come back from the initial interview, they're dribbling one around the studio, and essentially hijack the rest of the half-hour, i.e. we were having too much fun, eh!

About a year later, I ran into Brian, who'd been attending Central Michigan University, which was served by the same cable company. It turns out I'd had quite a cult following in the dorms over the summer semester, and several people recognized him from this episode. He told me that if he'd realized anyone would be watching, he'd have never done the interview. I still find that hysterical.


"Remember that fishing trip many moons ago. It was hot out, you didn't have any water, you ran out of Pepsi, and your dad said you could have just one beer. And you were thinking 'Man, I wish that beer was like THIS big.' Well mankind has developed a beer that is THIS big. Well, maybe not, but it is seventy-five ounces, five times the size of your normal beer. It's called Camel Head Beer. With three times the alcohol, it makes it a much better buy than your average beer. So buy Camel Head Beer, for more value, for more beer, for more of everything. You'll love it!"

"I love it!"
"Me too, eh!"
"What a beer!"
"What a buzz!"


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