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Premonition: logo 1990

Premonition was a progressive metal band from 1988 to 1994. In that time, they composed or partly composed a total of 20 songs, 10 of the 14 completed ones existing on four unfinished demos and one official release. Though holding a decent-sized fan base of extended friends and friends of friends, who heard us at many practice sessions (large amounts of which exist on poorly recorded tapes), the band only officially performed live at one high-school function, three club shows (one of which exists on video), and five house parties.

Here is a semi-detailed history of the band.

Although not exactly accurate, here is a list of members during various forms of the band to give you an idea of how things changed in just a few years.

To give an idea how the music developed, this is a list of songs we'd written, with approximate dates and places of origin, and links to lyrics.

Here's a photo album from various practices and shows.

Until I get something else up, here's a .wav file of Sam's solo from I Know.

Elsewhere on this site is a somewhat complete discography of the various demos we've done.

The logo above was deigned by Rowland in 1990, but never caught on. The logo on the flyers in the photo album was designed Rowland's friend Monty Thrasher in 1992. The logo below was designed by Sam's wife Chrystal in 1993 for the Daynon demo, and was also put on a few T-shirts.

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