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Adam's circuits controlled all right and wrong
Each mind logged in for daily bread
Business stale, we were weak, Adam always strong
No need for free, independence was dead

"What's your number, Citizen? The Computer is your friend!"
"Work for everyone, everything, everyday till the end..."

Jon appeared loyal in the public eye
One of many working for the common way
But he led the rebels and he knew of Outside
Spread all the rumors of The Elder Race

"Where's your soul, Citizen? The Computer's not your friend!"
"Work for everyone, everything, but one day it will end..."

                Prophecies told of the end of time
                   Of Jason of The Elder Race
                      Of the end of the oppression of the mortal mind
                         Independence would take it's place

Jason took a doubt to God with flaming sword and lightning rod
Breed of ancient Argonauts, boldly a frumious foe he fought
Into Adam's central control, the battle one of mind and soul
But one alone could not withstand, The wall too high, the brow, the hand

The rebellion rose to Jason's aid, people perplexed, in awe, afraid
Computer God could not command, human will now took it's stand
Adam's circuits and all the law fell to hatchet, axe and saw
Swords were beaten down to plows, minds unchained and opened out

So Jason triumphed over the prisoned mind
The dust settled on a brand new dawn
Jon's rebels rebuilt for the future times
Till all the signs of the past were gone

"Here's your freedom, Citizen - The Computer's met it's end!"
"Work for anyone, anything - It's in your own hands..."
©1993, 1998 UT Music

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