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I Know
(Lonely Girl)

I know a sweet little thing in her own little world
If you dare to enter there, your cares will swirl whirl
I don't want her body, for I have seen her soul
Not fashion compassion, something more lasting, a true man's final goal

Burn your crosses, build your walls
Shout your angry words
But I've felt a peace, an innocent release
From the heart of a lonely girl

I know of a place from out of the land of dreams
If you look into her face you'll know what I mean
If you catch the gripping gaze of her eyes undisguised
You'll be trapped in a mazed, lost in her thoughts inside

Repeat Chorus 2X

I know there comes a time when I will get depressed
But her hands reach into my mind and always bring me rest
I know there'll come a day when life will pass away
But as she rides by my side, I'll never fear that day no way

©1991, 1998 Manifest Destiny Music

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