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From the day of my birth I've lived a life of ease
Here with my simple family, we can do what we please

THE STRANGERS CAME ONE DAY - We felt them float above
THEY'VE BEEN THE BRINGERS OF PAIN - The One's who took my love
I heard her cry that night when I saw the Stranger's spear
I smelled my lover's blood AND THEN I FELT THE FEAR
THE STRANGERS CAME TODAY - We saw them block the sun
THEY'VE BEEN THE BEARERS OF HATE - They took another one
That fear returned today when my brothers met the thing
Now I live with loneliness AND WEEPING IS WHAT I SING
Will tomorrow bring me peace, or will the Strangers come again?
Will I return to my ease, or will tomorrow be the end?
©1991, 1998 Manifest Destiny Music

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