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The Premonition

In the beginning, darkness all around, I spent three strange days with a hound
To sleep was space, to leave was to die, to work a life but I tried
Souls were lost, by coincidence found, nothingness followed full of sounds
A foul attack, a change of shoes, a trinity complete and true

I have a history of premonitions
And through all the changes it's the same

Into the desert, open to Spring, achieving Atlantis without a string
A sexual scent comes from the edge and a money maker won't pledge
More electronics peer at beached whales, the Summer of love gone pale
Black drug sorrow, we come back fighting, preparing harder for nothing

Repeat Chorus

The second and fifth, the novice is bored, recording candles, little more
Fool flake freedom, egoism and ego, square pegs into round holes
A rush of ideas lacking the lows, the gang of fifteen needs control
Changing the times, parting the sea, rising again for round three

Repeat Chorus

2 1 0 6

©1993, 1998 UT Music

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