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TRAVELER - On seven seas, searching for the fountain of youth
TRAVELER - Where eagles fly, looking for the treasure of kings
TRAVELER - Where angels tread, seeking but you never will find
No you won't ever find

VOYAGER - Across the land, never knowing where you'll go
VOYAGER - Across the stars, never knowing what you'll find
VOYAGER - Throughout all time, never stopping to wonder why
You don't stop to wonder why, wonder why

STRANGER - In a strange place, listening for a heavenly voice
STRANGER - Face the wrath of time, through the ages you've seen it all
STRANGER - At the end of the world, now there's no more world to conquer
There's no more, so you die

Goodbye - Don't ask why, I don't know why, but you die

©1991, 1998 Manifest Destiny Music

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